The SHOUT initiative has been developed by the Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health (CERSH) as a resource for workers who recognise the importance of positive sexual health messages and access to means of prevention of STIs for rural young people.

While there is a high level of awareness amongst rural young people that condom use is key to preventing sexually transmissible infections (STIs); issues of privacy, lack of transport and cost are some of the barriers that prevent rural young people from accessing condoms.

High rates of chlamydia in rural populations may indicate inadequate condom use and low levels of accessing testing and treatment. The SHOUT initiative was developed in an attempt to address this.

The projects and campaigns for SHOUT are developed with consultation from rural workers, community-based organisations and young people. A SHOUT Working Party was established in 2019, in collaboration with Youth Affairs Council Victoria to engage with workers in the youth sector. The Working Party will focus on projects and initiatives to enage with young people to improve sexual health outcomes. See below for more details.

For more information about SHOUT or to discuss working with CERSH to improve sexual health for rural Victorians, get in touch.



This is a joint project of CERSH and Youth Affairs Council Victoria.

A range of organisations across rural and regional Victoria have been working towards: improving access to sexual and reproductive health information; improving sexual and reproductive health service provision; and strengthening workforce capacity. Several successful strategies have been implemented with measurable outcomes.

Members of the youth/community sector have identified that they could increase their capacity to support the sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing of young people and establish stronger links with local organisations working in sexual and reproductive health.

The rationale for the establishment of a working party is to bring the rural youth/community sector and rural health sector together to build on the success of these outcomes, increase the coordination of effort and sharing of strategies across rural and regional Victoria, produce resources for the youth sector, and undertake an independent evaluation.

To date there are over 30 organisations and services across rural Victoria represented on the working party. If you are interested in joining, please read the Terms of Reference below and contact CERSH for further details.