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Make sure your town is counted! We are calling on rural workers to participate in the Condom Count in their local area to collect important data about condom accessibility for rural young people. The data will be used to advocate for strategies to improve access to condoms for rural young people in Victoria. 

The Condom Count will run from 14 February (National Condom Day!) until 31 March 2020.

How to participate:

  1. Email CERSH (cersh-admin@unimelb.edu.au) to register your participation so we can coordinate the Condom Count across locations

  2. Share the below short and fun clips to promote Condom Count to other workers!

  3. Decide on the town/s you will collect data for (you might do a single town, or a few towns within a region)

  4. Think about the locations in your town you will visit to 'count condom data' (examples are chemist, supermarket, public toilets, medical centres, community/youth centres, Aboriginal health centre, service stations, schools etc) and map your route before you start

  5. Print a few copies of the Condom Count Info Sheet to hand to business owners/staff etc in case you get asked about the activity while you're out and about

  6. Enter the data using one of these options:

    • Use a smart phone or tablet to enter data 'on the go' into the online survey (link below)

    • Print an offline data form and enter it into the online survey afterwards

  7. Head off on your Condom Count adventure! If appropriate/allowed take photos along the way (you can upload these at the end of the survey)

  8. Make sure you enter your data by Tuesday 31 March to have your town counted! 

  9. CERSH will analyse the data and be in touch to provide a snapshot of your region!


My Town Condom Count - Get Involved!

Does your town make access to condoms easy for young people? Are they affordable and accessible?
We're calling on you to head out and find out!


My Town Condom Count - Let's make access to condoms easy!

Join the My Town Condom Count and help improve access to condoms for rural young people!


This is a project by the SHOUT Working Party, which is led by CERSH and Youth Affairs Council Victoria - Rural.