National Condom Day is celebrated on 14 February each year to remind us that one of the easiest ways to look after your sexual health, and the sexual health of your partners, is to use condoms.

Condoms are the best form of prevention of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and can also prevent unintended pregnancy. Young people (especially in rural areas) need easy access to condoms to ensure they can be proud of the choices they make to look after their sexual health. 

The message we focused on for National Condom Day 2020 was: Making access to condoms easy for rural young people! 

We created the fun clips below to encourage workers who engage with rural young people to promote National Condom Day. You can follow the below tips on any day of the year, to help improve access to condoms for rural young people in your town.

  1. Increase your knowledge around condoms and other types of contraception so you can better support the young people you work with

  2. Identify ways to improve access to condoms for the young people in your local area

  3. Participate in the My Town Condom Count to help gather data on condom access in rural Victoria



Improve your knowledge of condoms and other forms of contraception by checking out these great resources!

Better Health Channel


Information on how to choose, use and store condoms. Also lists links to other types of contraception and sexual health information.

Family Planning Victoria


Lists all types of contraception methods with comprehensive information for each type. A great resource to show young people as written in clear language.

Play Safe Pro


A resource for workers by the NSW Department of Health. This is a great guide to providing condoms at your workplace.


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