In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, CERSH has developed a sexual health promotion campaign, targeted at young people living in rural/regional Victoria. The Be Proud of Your Choices campaign aims to deliver a positive message to young people about taking the time to talk about their contraception and sexual health care needs, before 'getting social again'. 

Commencing at the start of July, to coincide with school holidays, poster advertising will be displayed in rural/regional shopping centres across Victoria. A social media campaign will also commence, using animated images and short video clips to deliver important information about sexual health check ups.

CERSH has engaged the School Nursing Program to deliver 'campaign packs' to Secondary School Nurses in early Term 3. Packs will include A3 printed posters and a supply of condom/lube packs. Similar packs are also available for other rural workers, free of charge. Details on the packs and how to order are below.

The content for this campaign has been developed in consultation with groups of rural young people, facilitated by young people. This project is a collaboration with Women's Health Victoria, 1800 My Options and the SHOUT Working Party.

How you can get involved:

  1. Order a 'campaign pack' to be sent to you to distribute in your local area. There are different versions of the poster (see below), so choose the most relevant for your setting

  2. The posters are also available to download below, if you would prefer to print your own copies

  3. Go to the 1800 My Options Facebook page, follow/like the page and share the campaign posts that will roll out over the next two months

  4. Other ideas for promoting this campaign or would like support in engaging young people in your area? Get in touch with CERSH



There are different versions of the poster available depending on your setting and the young people you work with. You can download the posters directly, or order hardcopies via the form link above.


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